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We at PDFenergy are driven by the simple idea… That we can live and Prosper in the Natural World without harming it or ourselves.

Our Mission is to harness and utilise advancing technologies, such as the Wucube, to promote and facilitate a responsible use of Power Consumption.

The Wucube is a good example, of Contemporary technology being applied to an antiquated system, resulting in an overall ‘System-wide efficiency improvement’, which is measured accurately and evidenced honestly.

In knowing that the Wucube impacts a Quantitative (Less Burnt Fuel = Less Poison), yet also a Qualitative (Cleaner Burn = Less Poison) reduction in Exhaust Emissions…

We are driven to supply as many Wucubes as possible, to be placed in as many Motor Vehicles as possible, and thus facilitate the accumulative effect of overall Emission reduction.

We at Wucube are predominantly realistic, understanding hierarchical structures of need. For example how can someone care about the Environment if they are hungry? How can someone consider the Grandchildren that don’t exist when they are lacking security and prospects?

So it is that the Wucube is Supplied as an Emission Control Device… But we are all fortunate that most individuals claim a reduction in fuel spend, which is a reduction in Quantitative Emissions. This reduction in Emissions serves everyone now and in any future.

We at Wucube understand that people need transport of all kinds, that public transport is inconvenient at best, and bicycles in a city are somewhat dangerous… And so we want and NEED a car.

Over the next 50 years there will some very significant changes in the way we transport ourselves and our goods around, but until the flying hydrogen car arrives, we are stuck with the internal combustion Engine.

The Wucube works well on carbureted engines and VERY well on engines with EFI (Petrol: 1980-Now). There is also some great evidence of the effectiveness in regard to Diesel engines, but at present this data is limited.

This means that the Wucube fills a gap in time, being a transitional product or solution, because the vehicles it works on wont be here in 25 years!

And so our philosophy? Is to do what we can do to help, when we can… Until we can help some more.

Wucube.com & The Wucube is supplied and managed by PDFenergy Ltd.

PDFenergy is a private limited company. We are registered within and operate from the United Kingdom.
Our Company number is: 9252768

PDFenergy operate from a position of transparent accountability, deploying a service that is unquestionably Principled.
We are a Limited Company operating for profit, yet we are a socially & Environmentally conscious organisation.

We promise to treat ALL those with whom we interact with equality, fairness and consideration.

We are just people of course! With our hopes, dreams and ideas just like everyone.

The Wucube is an idea outlined in our Mission, that has taken a lot of work, patience and money in order to materialise.

The team at Wucube come from very different backgrounds, yet we all have one thing in common, which is a desire to have a positive impact on others.

‘Be the solution… Not the problem’

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PDFENERGY LIMITED are a private limited company. We operate and own Wucube.com
Registered in England and Wales with company number 09252768.

Our registered office is:
Alston Oak House
Harlow Road
CM21 0AJ
(+44) 02081235876

Our U.K VAT number is GB704128371.

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As mentioned, our mission is to supply as many Wucubes to as many people as possible, so they may be installed in as many vehicles as possible.

This is why we are keen to make mutually beneficial Business relationships with others, who may be able to help in this regard.

The Wucube is a marvelous product for certain, and is received with a mixture of disbelief and intrigue. This is until a person experiences the results for themselves of course, whether it is the slowed fuel gauge, the increase in torque or the results of an Emissions test.

Maybe you are interested in Testing the Wucube as a potential Business partner?

Maybe you already know how it works and would like to communicate about a potential Business relationship? Maybe you have some advice? If so please send us a message using the Business Contact form here.

The Wucube is a financially viable product, that also does very good things… A rare combination!

The producers of The Wucube understand how the phenomenon is taking place, particularly in regard to the Combustion Process.

The reduction in Emissions are the clear indication of  improved combustion, and general engine performance. It is the fuel saving that is difficult to predict, and is therefore impossible to guarantee.

We have a lot of evidence, across a range of vehicles and driving conditions. The average fuel saving is around 20% (not promoted or guaranteed), and here is the issue…

Why is one vehicles fuel consumption reduced by 40% and another 5%?
If you think you could help answer this question, then please get in touch.

More understanding could be reached, utilising some thorough and practical Scientific method.

We are very open to some hard science, yet at present not in the condition to purchase any outright.

The Wucube is an anomaly for sure, and is gravy for the cynical sceptic!

The issue is that no matter how unbelievable the Wucube may be, it is based on very solid laws of physics (Wikipedia).

Of course not all of these ‘laws’ are common knowledge, and there are not many who understand the technology applied by the Wucube, yet in time, the phenomenon taking place will be understood, developed and thus benefit us all.

Until then? We need some assistance in expressing the truth of The Wucube. This small device truly does exactly as presented, without exaggeration, and it would be great if more people knew about it.

Why? Because then they would be informed. Because then they could make a choice. They could choose to reduce their vehicular emissions, without reducing their transport needs, or becoming unrealistically inconvenienced.

We are committed to presenting honest and objective evidence, such as on The Results Page.

If you are interested in The Wucube and work in Media then we would be happy to hear from you!

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