The Wucube has been in research and development for over two years now.
The Wucube story starts in February of 2015. PDFenergy had made the transition from Eco property solutions, into the transport sector. We were in the process of installing hydrogen generators, directly onto Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGV’s).
Whist experiencing some very promising results, on-board hydrogen generation is a very high-maintenance technology, particularly when applied to large engines working commercially.
Due to the limitations of hydrogen we were seeking a new technology, that could have the same reductive impact.

I personally investigated many products which made the claims, of reducing fuel consumption and/or reducing Emissions. They were tested thoroughly, and some did work, but not consistently nor as effectively as promised.
Following a consistent focus of intent, searching for a technology which could perform as effectively as hydrogen generation, but be free from all the maintenance issues, I never found one… But two!
Two separate Technologies operating completely independently of each other, yet achieving above average results, in terms of increased Fuel-Economy and a reduction in Harmful Emissions.

Could these unaligned technologies be combined to compliment each other?’ After a lot of perseverance, constant testing, continuous prototyping, frustration and elation. The answer is yes… The Wucube.



What becomes obvious very quickly when discussing the functionality of the Wucube, is that different people have different approaches when deciding whether the Wucube works.
There appears to be two distinct ways in which people assess the Wucube:

  • How much does it reduce the Emissions? (Environmental)
  • How much Fuel does it save me? (Economical)

The Wucube has been developed in order to reduce the Harmful Emissions produced through burning fossil fuels, and this is its primary function.
The truth is however… When one reduces certain Emissions (CO/HC) which are wasted fuel, there is a direct and evidenced reduction in Fuel consumption, under comparative conditions.
The Wucube is NOT another Fuel Reduction device. The Wucube is an Emission Control device.

“The Wucube WILL reduce vehicle Emissions, and a person Should save some fuel and money in the process.”


The Wucube has experienced many manifestations, yet the contemporary design can be seen on the right.
We always carried the intention to create a product, which visually reflected the advanced technological developments, necessary in order to provide the extraordinary functionality.
The Wucube measures 5 x 5 x 4 centimetres and so is very compact by design.

The encapsulation of the Wucube is within Aluminium, and this aluminium is fabricated to produce an elegant metallic finish. A combination of Brushed aluminium, and a high polish offer some contrast in reflecting light & colour.

Logo… The Wu-Cube began life as the Nano-box (Project title), but the word Cube is so much more interesting than Box, lending a sense of Chance (Dice) and a sense of puzzlement (Rubik), which really suit one’s experience with the Wucube.

The term ‘Wu’ is of Chinese origin and refers to a concept of awareness, embroiled with a deep sense of cosmic & moral unity.