How Does The Wucube Work?

How Does The Wucube Work?

Short Explanation

  • The Wucube holds a radius of 1 metre… Imagine The Wucube at the centre of a sphere.
  • Any fuel within or on the edge this radius is activated… Imagine the fuel within this sphere.
  • The activated fuel is altered on a molecular level… Imagine the fuel changing in a very subtle way.
  • The activated fuel & Air is injected into the engine… The fuel is now different to normal fuel.
  • The activated fuel is burnt’ with the oxygen… The activated fuel burns’ differently to normal fuel.
  • The activated fuel burns more effectively… There is now less waste and more energy is released.
  • Better combustion equals cleaner exhaust gases… Less HC & CO and more O² & H²O. (Qualitative reduction)
  • Better combustion equals less waste & more power… Less fuel is needed than before.
  • The vehicles computer notices that something is different… The % of O² in the exhaust has shifted.
  • There is less O² because it has burned’ properly now… The computer starts adding less & less fuel.
  • Less total fuel equals less total emission… As less fuel is burnt’ there is less Pollution. (Quantitative reduction)

Shorter Explanation

The Wucube effects the fuel, which then burns better, reducing wasteful emissions.
The Cars computer notices this and puts less fuel into the engine, which reduces the emissions even more.

Longer Explanation

Combustion is the Oxidisation of Hydrocarbons: HC vs O² / Fuel vs Air / AFR (Air to fuel ratio)

Perfect Post-Combustion Emission
H²O + CO² + N²

Average Post-Combustion Emission
H²O + CO² + N² + HC + NO× + CO + O²

There is not much a normal person can do about the air in the places they drive their car. It simply is what it is. Some very intelligent electronics are in place, to allow adaptation in this regard. Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI).

Example: We can get in a car in Norway when it is -30 Centigrade and 10% precipitation, drive south over the mountains and through the cities, where it may be +20 or -20 degrees and 50% Humidity. We can keep driving south in the SAME car, crossing the Sahara where the temperature fluctuates from -20 through to +40 centigrade. we could keep driving to the equator where the temperature could be +40 centigrade and 100% Humidity.
We would have filled the fuel tank dozens of times, with varying degrees of quality every time.

Very clever indeed.
The vehicle is constantly adapting to the weather conditions it is operating within, because the quality of Oxygen is directly relative to the temperature (Density) and Quality (Humidity) of the Air. Oxygen is about 21% of the Air.
The vehicle is also constantly adapting to the quality of fuel it is utilising, at any given moment. It is doing this to provide drivability for us, and also to protect itself from mechanical malfunction. Fossil Fuels are Hydrocarbons.

One of the reasons The Wucube works so well… is because the amount of Oxygen measured in the Exhaust by the computer reduces, because it has reacted with the fuel. This reduction in oxygen, triggers adaptive calculations, which ultimately dictates that the computer reduces injector frequency. The Vehicle adapts to the activated fuel in a positive manner, by reducing injector frequency.

NOW. The adaptation above would be a bad thing if the fuel was Normal’ because it would force a lean condition (+ λ), increase Nox, reduce power, and ultimately decrease overall efficiency.

BUT. The fuel is not Normal’ because it has been activated by The Wucube.

The Covalent Bonds between the Hydrogen & Carbon have been re-orientated/weakened, and ultimately altered. this alters the overall composition of the substance, which in this case is Fuel, and more importantly allows it to be more reactive.

This weakened molecular bond results in an improved oxidisation process, which is FASTER/BETTER/+REACTIVE.
There is less O² in the exhaust because it has reacted/bound more fully with the hydro-carbons.

  • Improved combustion equals less free O² escapes into the exhaust.
  • The ECU reacts to the decreasing O² in the exhaust and begins to increase STFT (Short term fuel trim).
  • It keeps doing this and also checks to ensure it is a VALID condition.
  • It is a VALID condition because it is a consequence of improved combustion.
  • The VALID condition is supported by multiple sensors. (ATP/IAT/RPM/ITA)
  • The ECU begins to increase LTFT (Long term fuel trim).
  • The cycle perpetuates exponentially until maximum LTFT is reached.

*These are very basic explanations of how The Wucube works. There will be more detailed explanations available in time, but at present we are restricted somewhat by the application of our Patent, which requires non-disclosure in order to be of any value.

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